The trailer has arrived, except it has no seat cushions for the dinette. Apparently those were running behind schedule and will come later. We're driving to pick it up tomorrow morning.


  1. We bought our 1685 as a show-demo at the Tacoma RV show a two months ago. We love it. We like the fact it's got every option the factory could throw at it. Being a show-demo it's got about 1500 miles under it's belt to shake everything loose for the dealership to fix before delivery (I hope). We've(two adults, one 2 year old and one lab) have camped out three times in it with very good success.
    I did a few minor upgraded or "modifications" that I was suggest to be done soon after taking delivery. I installed a toilet hand sprayer sprayer on the Thetford. I checked with the dealership on a price for the Thetford sprayer and was shocked at the nearly $80. price tag. I went to Homedepot and bought the $9.00 white sink sprayer, I cut the end brass fitting off the end of the hose and the plastic cap of the water valve on the toilet and clamped the hose in place. It's a perfect fit and no leaks at all!
    I also installed an enclosed battery diconnect switch for the two deep cycle batteries. I located the black and white wires from the battery to the inverter and switched the positive wire to prevent the batteries from draining during storage. Beware that the Lance has the black DC wire carrying the positive current and the white is the negative (typical in AC wiring).
    I hope your travels are fun. We love our little trailer and we don't even notice it behind our 2007 Nissan Pathfinder with a V6! --Chris

  2. That's awesome! I am wondering what types of other things will "shake loose" over the next several months. I'm hoping it won't be too bad. The fridge has a cracked microchip board that we think is the cause of it not operating under gas power. We should see by the end of the day if that works or not. Being serviced by a local repair shop.

    That's great about your family being able to camp out it in with good success. So far we (2 of us) have had a lot of fun being in it!

    The water tank petcock seems to be dripping pretty heavily, and we are hoping that it's not going to continue or that it's something that can be fixed easily under warranty.

    We are a little bummed that so far as we can tell, no outdoor screen room is able to be installed onto the automatic awning, though we love being able to push out the awning with a button.

    I will look into installing a sink sprayer also, that sounds like a good mod.

    What was the purpose of installing an enclosed battery disconnect switch?

    Also, my 1685 came installed with only 1 group 27 deep-cycle battery, and the metal fabricated to hold the battery just behind the propane is large enough that it seems it would hold two batteries, but it's not even big enough to hold two group 24 batteries. We'll have to pay to have it re-fabricated to allow room for another battery on the front.

    I think the E2 might be overkill, but we definitely like hardly knowing we're towing even when passing semi trucks or being passed.


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