It's here!

We picked up our 1685 on October 1st. Since then we've been adventuring in it through rain, wind and sunshine. We ordered it without decals from the factory so that we can do custom vinyl later on.

We've made purchased a few things since getting it. I'll post reviews separately when I have a chance.

1. The Sewer Solution
2. Le Creuset Dutch Oven
3. Scanpan 10" Skillet
4. Equalizer 2 (E2) Hitch (already mentioned, but will post review later)
5. Leveling blocks (yellow lego like things)
6. Plastic Wheel Chocks

We've been learning about leveling the trailer, waking up at 2am to switch over the propane tank occasionally, rolling in the awning to make sure no flying tree branches puncture it while we're sleeping, and all kinds of other stuff.

Does anyone know of a system that would work better than having to go outside to switch over the tanks at 2am? We're thinking of planning ahead and re-filling the tanks every 4th day before it runs out after about 5 days. Not sure if that's really the best option.

The Norcold fridge has a cracked microchip board and is being replaced under warranty by a local repair shop today. That should fix the problem of the fridge not operating under gas power and only under AC power. We have stayed in this trailer about 23 of the past 26 days in state parks, campgrounds and friends driveways as we have been moving about attempting to do everything we normally do while adventuring with the trailer. It's been pretty fun.


  1. Also, we picked up our cushions (Day Dreamer interior). We're happy to have them installed, and it makes the interior much more usable now!

  2. I have an 1880 on order and expect to pick it up in December in Michigan. I ordered 2x30 propane tanks as an option. If you have the auto switchover it should go to the other full tank. I like the "no decal" look, thinking about doing the same.
    How is the quality of the inside? I have yet to be in one.

  3. Maybe we can start a Yahoo group and communicate with one another? Does anyone have those skills? I'm on my 4th trailer and I'm pretty familiar with them, other than Lance. I live in Pa,

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  5. The Norcold fridge went out a second time in less than three months. It will operate on AC but not on propane.


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