Anything you want to hear?

Let me know if there's anything you want to know about the Lance trailer if you're interested in purchasing one or have one on the way.


  1. We are about to place our order for a 1685 this week. Are you still happy with the trailer? Are there any options you wish you would have added to the trailer? Has the quality of the trailer been what you expected? Any leaks or problems you have encountered? Would you make the purchase again?

    Thanks for your help in advance. We all appreciate you starting this blog and keeping us informed about your trailer.

    Don P

  2. We ordered our Lance 1685 in December 2009 and absolutely love it. No problems. We ordered all options, but the slide out tray in the front storage area takes up too much space. We may decide to remove it to gain more space. Highly recommend the 1685.

  3. Thanks for all your work. This is really helpful. We purchased a 1685 last week. Noticed a soft spot in the floor extending out from the fridge and over to the oven/stove area. Wanted to know if you, or anyone else, may have experienced the same thing? My dealer thought it was normal, but did acknowledge it being soft. I wrote Lance who responded by requesting that I take it back to the dealer for inspection. Makes me question their final quality control inspections??? Also, I have been unable to connect the unit to a 120 outlet with out tripping the circuit in my home. Nothing much on the circuit, so I unplugged what was, still blew the circuit. Is there anything you can suggest that I should disconnect in the trailer? Once again, thanks for this site. It's GREAT!

  4. Mana Athena,
    I think you need to have a dedicated 30 amp breaker to plug the trailer into. Was yours 30 amp? Trailer sites in the state parks we camp in have one 30 amp and one 50 amp breaker.

    I may be wrong. Someone else may know more about
    it than I do.

    Don P (fritobandito)

  5. Mana Athena,

    You're welcome! Thanks for your comments and for visiting the site!

    I ran into the same problem when attempting to plug in the 1685 to a regular 120 outlet at home. We tried all the same things you did, and still were tripping the breaker. Luckily we have a dedicated 30 amp breaker to plug into at home! I would recommend installing a 30 amp breaker at your home. The two sites below give some good information about that process.

    As far as the "soft spot" goes, I went out and checked and don't notice anything like that.

  6. Great blog! Wondering if you considered the 2285 as well as the 1685 before making your purchase? My wife and I are looking at both and weighing the pros and cons. It's just the two of us and our 20lb mut so we don't need anything huge but we are probably going for an extended vacation this spring/summer for several months. We're used to living in small spaces from our sailboat so not too worried but most RVers are advising us to "go bigger" which has me a little worried about the 1685. Anyway, appreciate any feedback.

  7. Clark,

    The main advantage of the 2285 over the 1685 is the 2285 has a walk around queen rather than the queen tucked into the front. If you don't want to climb over the DW (dear wife) or vice versa you're gonna want the 2285.

    Other than occasionally having to climb over one another (which for us isn't a big deal) we love our choice of the 1685.

    We were always told to go bigger too when looking to purchase. Everyone also says, "you must really love each other to be in a trailer together on extended trips".

    I haven't seen the value in either of those statements since doing extended trips with my DW. We're happy as can be, enjoying the outdoors and loving our tiny trailer choice.

    Join our Lance Trailer Owners Group if you're interested:

  8. One other question if I may? Lance makes an axle flip lift kit. Do you find your unit sits too low on occasion, or is the height more than adequate? Here is the unit specs: Part# SC160 AXLE LIFT KIT - 7 1/4". Not sure if this means the unit will be raised an additional 7 1/4". I will find out from Lance.

    1. Have you purchased this kit, we are in the process of purchasing a 2185 and do get "off the beaten path often. The trailers look to ride pretty low but wondering if this lift kit will adversely effect how the trailer tows

  9. I have found the height of my 1685 to be great. We have seen other trailers that looked way too low, and have been happy with the height of ours.


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