Fridge problem again

Well, I mentioned a few posts back that the fridge had gone on the blink again.

The symptoms are that the unit will only operate on electric, not on gas. Sometimes if you run out of propane you will need to cycle the switch from AUTO to OFF and then to GAS, then possibly between OFF and GAS several times if necessary to cycle the gas back into the line and into the appliance. Unfortunately for us, this doesn't solve our problem no matter how many times we do it.

The trailer was taken to the service center / dealer who inspected the Norcold fridge and told us that the computer chip board or whatever it is, is broken and must be replaced.

This is the second time this has happened. According to the service center I went to, Norcold fridge's are notorious for having end-user issues.

If this happens again I will be contacting Lance and Norcold to have this unit replaced with something that works.


  1. We have had our Lance 1685 out for about 7 different trips, including a week vacation. So far no refrigerator problems.

  2. Yeah it definetely may be about time to have that unit replaced. Some refrigerators can be so problematic.



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