On the road again

After a little more than a month of not being out in our trailer, we're in it again for a trip. Upon getting setup last night I noticed that there was a bad seal between the hose and the part where it connects to the trailer. I'm going to try and see about fixing that today.

We bought a large mat to go under the awning outside as well as a picnic table cover and bench covers. It's made it nice having a clean surface to eat from.

Still wanting to get a bike rack for the trailer tongue, but they're a bit out of our price range right now for accessories.

We'll post some photos up in the next couple weeks as we're traveling around.


  1. I have some pictures of the hitch I had added to my Lance 1685. It is built into the rear bumper and accepts any standard hitch based bike carrier. It was dealer installed on the trailer before I took delivery. I use a Thule 2 bike setup with it. Let me know if you're interested in seeing the pictures.


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