Ecobee Internet Enabled Programmable Thermostat

Is it over the top that I want to install this in my Lance 1685? Yes. Impractical? Maybe. Possible to install in an RV? Don't know.

The truth is, this thing is pretty awesome for a living space, and for someone who lives in an RV, what's not to love?

It operates on 120V 50/60Hz to 12Vdc 1A;

Full 7 day programming

Just imagine for a moment,... you've turned off the heat in your trailer to save on propane. Wow, you are thinking about the environment, good for you. You're also being cost efficient. Smart.

On the drive back to your RV you notice it's been cold for a while and it would be nice to have a warm RV to climb into.

Ahem,... so just pull out your iPhone or iPod connected to wifi (or MyFi through Verizon or Sprint), pull up the ecobee application, tell it to turn on and BAM! the heat in your trailer has been turned on.

Now, let's imaging a new scenario. You really try to enjoy the times you spend in your RV, and enjoying life is high on your priority list right? Well, we all know how life is, and then BAM! something happens and you're rushed out of your RV and left the heat on high. Well, it's possible you're really draining your propane now, and I don't know about you, but I don't feel comfortable leaving my propane on very high when I'm gone.

You get the picture.

This seems pretty cool. Maybe it's too much for an RV, but it seems fun.


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