Hand Sanitizer Station Added to Bathroom

I like a sanitary environment and hand sanitizer is one of those things that comes in handy. Sometimes hand washing isn't necessary so hand sanitizer comes to the rescue. Other times hand sanitizer can still be a good addition to washing hands.

We had this nice little cubby area between the door and the sink which was perfect for mounting this station. There isn't much wall depth, so using short screws was important. Luckily there are 5 screw placements in the dispenser, so that gave me enough stability to feel comfortable going for it and feeling that it will last.

We also have several small bottles of sanitizer that we carry in our tow vehicle, others we take with us out and about, and the wall mounted dispenser in the bathroom.

DepHyze Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 50M/L Bottles (Pack of 5)
Click here for a link to the bottles of hand sanitizers.

DepHyze Wall Mount Dispenser, 1000M/L Manual
Click here for a link to the wall-mounted hand sanitizer.


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