Trash Can Drawer and More!

Since doing the closet modification adding shelving, I have really been excited about doing this addition. I've been wanting to put this in and just hadn't had time to get around to it, but I have to say it turned out really well. I'm not an engineer or a carpenter but I built a frame that would sit inside the cabinet and create a new "wall" and floor for the drawers.

I had to build it to leave room in the front for the hot & cold water pipes running along the floor.

I even stained the plywood on the walls and the craft wood I used for building the drawers. I used Minwax 1/2 Pint Wood Finish Gunstock.

On the lower drawer for the trash I just created a frame with a front and back "lip" and then used the thin pieces of craftboard to fit in between those. I placed the L brackets up to the pieces of wood, drilled holes, then used my screw gun to screw pieces together.


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