Lower Right Closet Shoe Rack Shelf

I decided to do some more organizing in the closets to improve their usability.

I used 20" (depth) Closetmaid shelving for this and had Lowe's cut it down to size for the width (21 1/2 to 21 3/4" width). I used the leftover Closetmaid ShelfTracks and ShelfTrack HangTrack from the Upper Left Closet storage system.

Below are links to the supplies needed in case you haven't visited the Upper Left Closet Organizing Shelf System Blog Post.

ClosetMaid 40-Inch ShelfTrack Hang Track, White #2826
(Amazon.com)40" ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Mounting Bar. $9.99(Qty Needed:1) I used the extra piece from the other project mentioned above that I had cut with a hacksaw.

(Lowe's) ClosetMaid 20" wire shelving.(Qty Needed:1) You will need 1 shelf cut at 21 1/2" to 21 3/4". The 20" depth shelving leaves a litte more than 2 1/2" of room between the front of the shelf and the closet door. You will have lots of extra shelving material after this, but it's worth it to get the 20" shelving for this project! I have extra from my project but it's probably cheaper to buy from your local store than to have me ship you an extra piece of mine. I couldn't find a product link to the 20" shelving online except through ClosetMaid's page, which doesn't allow you to know how much it will cost.

(Lowe's) ClosetMaid 30" ShelfTrack. $5.23 (Qty Needed:2) These hang from the ShelfTrack Hang Mount; use two screws in each to mount to back wall.

Closetmaid #2855 20" Shelf Track Bracket
(Amazon.com) ClosetMaid 20" ShelfTrack Locking Shelf Bracket.$5.62(Qty Needed:2)This was the single most expensive part of the whole thing, however I was HAPPY to spend the money on these brackets rather than the alternative of screwing in little tedious hanging things into the back wall up and down for each shelf, plus little support brackets on the side! The adjustable locking brackets were a no-brainer.

ClosetMaid Large and Small End Caps 84-Pack, 60 Small, 24 Large, White #7535
ClosetMaid Large and Small End Caps 84-Pack $3.29 (Qty Needed: 1) You will have extra from the other project if you do that, so you won't need to purchase them again for the shoe rack.

#10 x 1/2" Screws $5


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